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How to build Venice

Building dwellings on solid land is easy. But to construct a settlement on water requires a few cunning tricks.

In the following I will show you how it works. I am using my Magnificent Building scenario as a starting point.
  • 1. Pick an appropriate harbour area or, if necessary, expand your influence area to include the new harbour area.

  • 2. Build a Venetian marketplace.

  • 3. Pick a placeholder (which are dummies for objects to be built later) and "plant" them where you want your houses to stand later.

  • 4. Ignore the messages on the left and the symbols hovering over the placeholders. Nothing will happen.

  • 5. Change over to the roads tab and build a dirt road around the placeholders.

  • 6. Check whether everything is fine by picking the delete tool.

  • 7. Move back to the Venetian buildings tab and pick stairways and bridges.

  • 8. I am building the bridge exactly where I want it to be, between the roads. Then I pick the stone quay wall.

  • 9. Now I am building the quay walls around the placeholders and on top of the roads. I'll pass on completing the quay wall at this time. ;-)

  • 10. Now build the remaining objects and link them to the roads.

  • 11. Demolish the placeholders.

  • 12. Pick houses for the water and build them, replacing the placeholders.

  • 13. Done...miniature Venice! It is a tad more tricky than building quay walls but a true construction artist will not be intimidated by that. Right?

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