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Known Errors
  • Wrong sound and text outputs of the Grand Vizier announcing the new monument.
  • Attacking or destroying the overland trade units will trigger a wrong sound output.
  • Building menu: activating the second overview will only display buildings unlocked at current stage of the game (other than in the first view which greys out buildings not yet available).
  • Building menu: Buildings displayed in the second overview cannot be copied with the pipette.
  • Sea water saline: Setting the salt fields automatically gives non-functional results.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 History-Edition Version 4

  • Everything that version 3.4 contains.
  • Huge maps have been added again (2048x2048).
  • Editor tools have been integrated.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.4
    All new contents can be used only with the Addon.

  • Obelisk eingefügt, als Zierobjekt und als Variante für den Gebetsplatz.
  • Pyramiden eingefügt, als Zierobjekt und als Variante für die Moschee.
  • Wasserturm eingefügt, als Zierobjekt und als Variante für die Noria.
  • Fruchtbarkeitsförderung im Norden durch Noria wieder aktiviert.
  • Ein Easter-Egg versteckt. ;-)

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.3a
    All new contents can be used only with the Addon.

  • Various bugfixes.
  • Asian building are no longer unlocked with the other buildings, since it caused problems with the AI.
  • AI got militarized again, and its abilities to build cities is improved.
  • The gigantic maps caused processing power problems for some people and were removed.
    They can be downloaded separately: Download

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.2
    All new contents can be used only with the Addon.

  • Corsair buildings are available via the achievements.
  • Asian buildings are available together with the regular ones.
  • Buying and selling prices for ships are higher.
  • Bug fix: Building costs of ships.
  • Graphic files were saved anew, should probably lessen memory usage. Caution: not tested.
  • New and changed scenario islands available.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.1
    All new contents can be used only with the Addon.

  • Bugfix: Street-tree
  • If the mapsize is set to "huge", either huge or gigantic maps are generated randomly. Attention: Gigantic maps need very much computing capacity.
  • Bugfix: Pipette
  • Corrected description for the potato farm.
  • Bugfix: World editor assert

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.0
    ALLE neuen Inhalte nur mit Addon nutzbar.

  • Development stage 1 & 2 with snow covered roofs for winter islands.
  • Asian civilization available at development stage 1.
  • Venetian market booths available for land and water.
  • Garibaldi sells ships.
  • Tavern and many other buildings have several alternative models.
  • Water canals without reeds, with an additioanl transition to rivers.
  • Harbor fortress available.
  • Ruins available.
  • Street trees available.
  • Potted plants available.
  • River fisherman available.
  • Fisherman and salt garden revised.
  • Igloos revised.
  • AI revised.
  • Landscape revised.
  • Flour as a requirement for the Orient.
  • Jewelry for Noblemen.
  • Alteration of the Corsair... wait and see.
  • Disasters strike more often and ore devastatingly.
  • Buying the council is more expensive.
  • New scenarios included (original scenarios are replaced).
  • And many things more to get surprised.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 2.1
  • Various bugfixes.
  • 4 new views (keyboard only).

    - Ctrl + F1 = Vertical view island (far)
    - Ctrl + F2 = Angular view (close)
    - Ctrl + F3 = First person view
    - Ctrl + F4 = Postcard

  • The following contents for addon only:

  • Venetian surgery on water.
  • Unlocking Venetian buildings now easier.
  • Venetian buildings now cost less honour points.
  • Added deep mines.
  • Added quay wall to align with coastline for occident.
  • Added igloos.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 2.0
  • Added some new special items.
  • New medium warship.
  • Added new castle.
  • Guardhouse now has patrol.
  • Added jugglers' wagon (produces Honour).
  • Added large fisherman.
  • Pillory and tower satisfy need for security.
  • Altered farms for sheep, pigs, cattle and goats.
  • Swapped meat and spices.
  • Added education and recreation as needs.
  • Added new needs for goods in the Orient.
  • Added Assassin's Fortress, produces military units.
  • Added Academy, satisfies need for education.
  • Added Caravanserai (Guild House).
  • Added Carpenter's House and Fire Station (as one building) for the Orient.
  • Added Prayer Square, satisfies need for faith.
  • Added oriental Historic Warehouse.
  • Added oriental quay wall.
  • Added Venetian buildings, construction of whole cities on land and water now enabled.
  • Added various decorative objects.
  • Square can now be built across streets.
  • Added mountains and rocks.
  • Added donkey and camel caravans.
  • Added edge fillers to enable construction of diagonal roads.
  • Added water (irrigation) canals.
  • Added Aneth Farm which is necessary to complete quests/missions involving spices on the Citizen and Patrician levels.
  • Added decorative ships.
  • Added soldiers as decorative objects.
  • Original hedgerow is now a construction set.
  • No more non-rasterized objects.
  • Added "small catastrophes" and random events.
  • Various little amendments.
  • Amended AI settings.
  • Added new endless game/sandbox scenario (original scenario Vendetta replaced)

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.5
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added Oriental Land-based Storehouse.
  • Only Addon: New coats-of-arms for player profile.
  • New items for drapery, potato liquor, clay and market square.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.4
  • Special decorative object after reaching 10,000 noblemen changed to 8,000 noblemen.
  • Small and medium market square (Orient and Occident) now have additional foundation ground.
  • Only Addon: Restored proper water storage capacity for Norias.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.3
  • Northern quay wall adjusted to align with roads.
  • Small and medium market square (Orient and Occident) statisfy need for community.
  • People now move properly across Venetian bridges.
  • Packed everything into RDA files - some success!! ;-)
  • Editors work properly - I.A.A.M.1404 EditorTools required.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.2
  • Added proper street patterns.
  • Added oriental lumberjack. (Thanks, User 3105)
  • Nomad huts now have 4 new colour variants. (Thanks, User 3105)
  • Foundation grounds of Venetian Warehouse adjusted.
  • Added colour variant to Cathedral.
  • Fixed prayer bug (Cathedral).
  • Only Addon: Bug with Corsairs' Alliance should now be fixed. See here

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.1
  • Amended building menu, button to swap to second overview shifted and enlarged.
  • Oriental pier now has proper quay wall foundation.
  • Maintenance costs for small and medium tradeships adjusted.
  • Various spelling mistakes corrected.
  • Oriental repair crane doesn't disappear any more (wooden beam had be removed).
  • Good "Salt" shifted to Peasants in the Warehouse.
  • Awarded ships are now the right ones.
  • 45 deg wooden landing stage: all four views now same size, reduced to one variant.
  • Salt Garden now extends further into water and receives concrete foundation when linked to quay wall. Note: Older Salt Gardens in your savegames will not have these new features but still function all right. You can remove them and build new ones but you don't have to.
  • AI now have the right coat of arms.
  • Influence area of watchhouse slightly extended.

New in I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 1.0
  • Amended building menu because of more need for space.
  • Three new goods: Drapery, potato liquor, pottery.
  • Amended needs - Peasants now need five goods....
  • New buildings to satisfy needs: Theatre, guardhouse....
  • Imperial Cathedral now only satisfies need for faith.
  • Two new shipyards: Medium Shipyard and Special Shipyard.
  • Amended ships. For the Occident: Small, medium and large trading ship as well as small, medium and large warship. Flagship, Corsair's ship and an inconspicuous tradeship. Everything else remained the same as before.
  • There are four market houses and five warehouses in the Occident now. The Orient has one additional warehouse. These new warehouses can always be built.
  • Five new storehouses in the North and two in the South.
  • Only Addon: Manor and Residence...same function as the original steward's office.
  • Varius decorative squares to be placed one by one.
  • Land-based quay wall to fill edges.
  • Edge filler... turn round to square.
  • Various decorative objects: Fences, animals, boxes, boats, fields, hedges, market stalls....
  • Farm fields changed in three variants.
  • Wooden jetties.
  • Fisherman's hut with quay wall and a habour ropeyard.
  • Special decorative object after reaching 10,000 noblemen.
  • Weapons and cannons production unlocked earlier due to shipbuilding amendments.
  • Only Addon: Item sale by Lord Northburgh amended: Prestige items for the Vizier only socketed in Peasant faction due to "prestige bug".
  • Various decorative objects increase satisfaction and tax income.
  • Added oriental harbour buildings: quay wall (as construction set), storage buildings, harbour master's office, defense tower....
  • Fourth monument, increases visibility range of ships.
  • Norias now hold substantially more water.
  • Decorative elements which could be bought are now for free and available immediately.
  • New coats-of-arms for player profile.
  • Various sounds when buildings are built.
  • Land-based trade is now possible.
  • Only Addon: Added Venetian Warehouse and Venetian quay wall to construction set.
  • If I have forgotten something.... sorry!

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