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  • In order to use this mod vers 3.4the original game "Anno 1404" (Dawn of Discovery) + Patch 1.3 or the main game + Patch 1.3 + "Venice" Addon + Patch 2.1 or the "King's Edition" (Königsedition) + Patch 3.1 are required, and no modifications must be installed.

  • In order to use this mod vers 4 the original game "Anno 1404 History-Edition" + Patch 1.3, and no modifications must be installed.

  • This modification is NOT compatible with ANY other modification! Alterations of this mod may cause flaws and bugs! This mod is also not compatible with any other tools for Anno 1404.

  • For installation of this mod you should log on to your computer as administrator. If you don't have administrator rights this may cause installation errors.

  • Users playing multiplayer games do so at their own risk because synchronizing problems cannot be traced down to the internet, the computer, or the mod.

  • Existing savegames are not supported. You should start a new game after installation. After that, everything will be as usual again. Also, savegames should not be exchanged - at least not with gamers who haven't installed the mod.

  • The tooltips should be observed carefully because they provide useful information.

  • The campaigns and scenarios haven't been tested. We cannot guarantee successful completion.

  • This mod, unfortunately, does have some flaws. They cannot be rectified... the developers of Anno did not provide enough access to make this happen.

  • For those who would like to know why IAAM does not work with other mods: Let's take the Building Mod No. 2, for instance. This mod alters some of the files that IAAM uses, too. Installing two mods would, therefore, lead to... a ruptured Anno.
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